Overlap Glass Range

Overlap Full Glass is made with safety glass and allow the day light to brighten your garage. Overlap Full Glass is a garage door with clear glass, satin glass and tinted glass suitable when you want natural light for your garage, working space or to create a showroom. This is a great solution for your Patio as well.

Energy Efficiency

The electronically controlled Overlap motorization drives one mechanical clutch linked to the counterweights. This design is energy efficient.

Overlap cuts out well wind and water, offer sound insulation when closed and quiet and smooth operation when opening and closing. Overlap has a thermal transmittance up to U = 1.50 W/m2 K with standard blind door when fitted behind the reveal.

Thermal Transmittance

up to U = 1.50 W/m2 K*

* value obtained for a door without windows and grills with behind wall installation

Surface options

Transparent glass

Satineted glass